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CBSE Class 7 Sample Papers and Solutions

In the educational domain, class 7 delves deeper into the subjects and some taught in previous years. As subjects like maths and science move towards advancement, the study resources need to be resourceful as they guide students for their successful academic journey. The CBSE sample papers are student’s best friends to help them guide through any challenges. Let’s unleash the importance of class 7 sample papers and how they act as a key to excellence in the academic journey of students.

Digging Deep into Subject-wise Sample Papers for Class 7

The sample papers are designed by experts in individual subjects with a chapter-wise approach to provide students with high-quality study materials. The worksheets are specifically created in compliance with the class 7 syllabus for all the subjects. The CBSE class 7 sample papers provide worksheets on subjects like Science and Maths on a range of topics to help students feel fully equipped for any challenging exam.

TopperLearning offers chapter-wise worksheets for Maths on a wide range of topics, which are as follows:

  •        Rational Numbers Sample paper
  •        Data Handling Sample paper
  •        Simple Equations Sample paper
  •        The triangle and its properties Sample paper
  •        Visualising Solid Shapes Sample paper
  •        Algebraic Expressions Sample paper
  •        Exponents and Powers Sample paper
  •        Symmetry Sample paper
  •        Integers Sample paper
  •        Fractions and Decimals Sample paper
  •        Lines and Angles Sample paper
  •        Comparing Quantities Sample paper
  •        Perimeter and Area Sample paper

TopperLearning provides chapter-wise worksheets for Science on different topics, which are as follows:

  •        Wastewater Story Sample paper
  •        Nutrition in Plants Sample paper
  •        Nutrition in Animals Sample paper
  •        Heat Sample paper
  •        Acids, Base, and Salts Sample paper
  •        Physical and Chemical Changes Sample paper
  •        Respiration in Organisms Sample paper
  •        Transportation in Animals and Plants Sample paper
  •        Reproduction in Plants Sample paper
  •        Motion and Time Sample paper
  •        Electric Current and its Effects Sample paper
  •        Light Sample paper
  •        Forests: Our Lifeline Sample paper

Academic Value of Class 7 Sample Papers for Students

Sample papers provide valuable insights into the various subjects. Students can use sample paper to their advantage for perfect scores in the exams.

    • Mastering the Subjects: Fellow students can include sample papers in their daily study routines and practise them to master the subjects like a pro.
    • Stress Reduction: The structure of the CBSE worksheet replicates the real exam. Students can get familiar with the format of real papers and feel more calm than usual for exams.
    • Planning Time: Solving sample papers on various subjects within the time constraint can teach students the ability to divide their time equally to solve questions.
    • Effective Feedback: After completing the sample papers, students can get effective feedback and analysis of the subjects and the areas that need improvement.
    • Increased Focus: Regularly solving sample papers can enhance the focus on learning. Students can set a timer and stay consistent with the routine as it guarantees better results in the exams.

Leveraging Class 7 Sample Papers for Organized Learning

Using a subject-wise CBSE class 7 worksheet can change your learning trajectory. There are so many ways students can utilise the resources to excel in exams.

    • Learning at Your Speed: Sample papers provide you the freedom to learn and understand subjects at your own pace.
    • Accessibility: Subject-wise sample papers are available in subjects and different topics. Students can access a wide range of chapters to ace the real exam.
    • Familiarisation with Exam Format: As the worksheets look the same as real exam papers, the students can analyse the exam pattern and prepare themselves accordingly.
    • Guidance: Sample papers make the blueprint for exams and guide students with a chapter-wise approach to every subject.
    • Working on Weak Areas: Students can assess their abilities and test how fast they can understand the concepts. On spotting any weak areas while solving the sample papers, they can revise and practise again to learn from their mistakes.


Class 7 sample papers are advanced resources that provide orderliness to the busy schedule of students. Sample papers are helpful in the 360-development of students, from boosting their self-esteem to clearing their doubts and confusions on certain topics. TopperLearning offers CBSE class 7 sample papers on different topics that act as an aid to the successful academic career of students!

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