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CBSE Class 8 Sample Papers and Solutions

With each passing year, subjects like science and maths become detailed. Class 8 is the final stage of primary education, and some students might find certain topics challenging as the subjects get more extensive. High-quality study resources are crucial to defining the academic success of class 8 students. Sample papers are here to save the day for students. Here, we’ll discover how CBSE sample papers help students score high marks in different subjects.

Subject-wise Sample Papers And Solutions List

For the ease of students, the sample papers are created in regulation with the class 8 curricula. The sample papers are the practice tests containing subject-wise topics to help each student in their learning journey. The subject-wise categorisation of the CBSE class 8 sample papers provides convenience to students looking to ace the final exams in subjects like Science and Mathematics.

TopperLearning offers chapter-wise worksheets for Maths on diverse topics, which are as follows:

  •        Factorisation Sample Paper
  •        Square and Square Roots Sample Paper
  •        Exponents and Powers Sample Paper
  •        Direct and Inverse Proportions Sample Paper
  •        Introduction to Graphs Sample Paper
  •        Mensuration Sample Paper
  •        Algebraic Expressions and Identities Sample Paper
  •        Comparing Quantities Sample Paper
  •        Understanding Quadrilaterals Sample Paper
  •        Linear Equations in One Variable Sample Paper
  •        Rational Numbers Sample Paper
  •        Data Handling Sample Paper
  •        Cubes and Cube Roots Sample Paper
  •        Practical Geometry Sample Paper
  •        Playing with Numbers Sample Paper
  •        Visualising Solid Shapes Sample Paper  

The chapter-wise worksheets for Science offered by TopperLearning on a diverse range of topics are as follows:

  •        Force and Pressure Sample Paper
  •        Light Sample Paper
  •        Some Natural Phenomena Sample Paper
  •        Reproduction in Animals Sample Paper
  •        Reaching the Age of Adolescence Sample Paper
  •        Crop Production and Management Sample Paper
  •        Microorganisms: Friend and Foe Sample Paper
  •        Coal and Petroleum Sample Paper
  •        Combustion and Flame Sample Paper
  •        Conservation of Plants and Animals Sample Paper
  •        Friction Sample Paper
  •        Sound Sample Paper
  •        Chemical Effects of Electric Current Sample Paper
  •        Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Sample Paper
  •        Materials: Metals and Non-Metals Sample Paper
  •        Cell: Structure and Functions Sample Paper
  •        Stars and Solar System Sample Paper
  •        Pollution of Air and Water Sample Paper

Revamp Your Grades with Class 8 Subject-wise Sample Papers

The sample papers can help students redefine their grades and understand different topics in depth.

    • Practical Knowledge of Topics: With so many subjects and topics to study, students can feel stressed. However, solving subject-wise sample papers on different topics can help them gain practical knowledge instead of just cramming it.
    • Utilising the Time: Solving the CBSE worksheet on different subjects can be productive as students are utilising their time to learn new topics.
    • Better Understanding of Exam Pattern: Sample papers are created to mirror the real exam. It can make the students feel more at ease as the exam pattern and type of questions asked in the exams are already known to the students.
    • Maintaining Consistency: Solving regular worksheets on different subjects can help students stay consistent in studying as they put their heart and soul into the exam.
    • Tracking the Improvement: Sample papers are a great way to track your strengths and weaknesses and analyse how far you have reached in your exam preparations.

Ways to Use Class 8 Sample Papers for Improved Results

Sample papers are resourceful and significant tools to achieve the desired exam results.

    • Enhancing Critical Thinking: Crucial times of exams require students to act quickly. Solving the CBSE class 8 worksheet can teach the skills of logical thinking and fast decision-making to the students.
    • Self-Examination: Sample papers are a great tool to self-examine your skills in various subjects. You can even notice the areas that require more attention from you and work on them.
    • Targeted Revision on Topics: Every student is different and has different weak points. With the daily practice of sample papers, you can do targeted revision on your preferred topics and improve your performance in the exam.
    • Enhanced Marks: Solve the worksheets for different subjects, get a better understanding of topics, stay consistent, and score good marks in the actual exam.
    • Minimising the Stress: Sample papers are the mirror image of the real exam format. Students feel less anxious and more confident on the day of the exam with regular practice of worksheets.


Sample papers for class 8 play a significant role not only in the academic growth but also in the overall development of a student. Sample papers can provide a detailed overview of the types of questions asked in the exams and ace time management skills. Become the jack of all trades and master every subject with TopperLearning’s CBSE class 8 sample papers!

Maths Sample papers and Solutions

Science Sample papers and Solutions

Social Studies Sample papers and Solutions

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Key Benefits of Sample Papers for CBSE Class 8 Science

  • An effective guide for study
  • Available free of cost
  • Easily accessible online
  • Prepared by subject experts
  • Help in self-evaluation
  • Students can understand exam questions
  • An effective tool for preparation and practice
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